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The free-play sports app is the best place for sports enthusiasts. Whether you’re learning about sports or just want to have fun and not risks. We got everything you need.

Sign up today and start growing your virtual bankroll.


No Risk

It is absolutely free to sign up. You don’t need to enter any credit card information, you can sign up and play risk free and grow a virtual bank roll.

Real Functionality

While you may be playing virtually, you will learn that this free play sports app has all the same functionality as the real thing. You can choose your favorite sports and teams and make sure they win.

Beginner Friendly

The free play sports App is perfect for beginner! Some learn best by getting their hands dirty and this is the best way to learn about sports without actually risking.

There is no shortage of features on this free play sports app

Once you create your completely risk free account, you can take advantage of all the great features available.

  • Track all the sports events of your favorite teams.
  • Real time information just like how you’d view them.
  • Weekly contests with a leaderboard so you can see how you stack up to the top.

Easy to use with all the information you need for every sport

The Free Play Sports App is easy to use and functional. Your favorite sports are easy to find, with variety of playing options.
Track your favorite teams so you always win in every shot given.


“I love being able to play on all my favorite teams and sports and track all the updated information. It’s great to have such a versatile and easy-to-use app where everything you need is all in one place.”

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“Once I switched to real mode on the Free Play App I felt confident in my sports skills – the risk-free aspect of the free play app made me a better sports expert and helped me learn how to actually win!”

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“I love that I can play real sports games. Building my virtual bankroll is just as fun as I’m not risking anything in the long run. The contests are easy to enter as well!”

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Check out some of the key features of Free Play Sports App


Common questions about this free play sports App

How does the this app work?

You can sign up absolutely free and create an account where you can play for free without risking. You can switch to real mode whenever you are ready. 

Is this App free?

Yes, you can sign up for free and play many sports. You will be using virtual money, until you decide to switch to real mode.

What is real mode?

Real mode refers to the traditional sports way, where you can choose any sports and play the old way. Functionality will be the same as free play mode.

Will this app teach any tactic or strategy?

While the this App doesn’t actually teach you any strategy, it does allow you to have a hands-on experience where you can try out playing without risking. You can easily familiarize yourself with tactics and then test out your knowledge on the app absolutely risk-free.

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