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  • sba5

    “I love being able to play on all my favorite teams and sports and track all the updated information. It’s great to have such a versatile and easy-to-use app where everything you need is all in one place.”

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  • sba4

    “Once I switched to real mode on the Free Play App I felt confident in my sports skills – the risk-free aspect of the free play app made me a better sports expert and helped me learn how to actually win!”

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  • sba3

    “I love that I can play real sports games. Building my virtual bankroll is just as fun as I’m not risking anything in the long run. The contests are easy to enter as well!”

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  • sba2

    “This app is necessary for new sports enthusiasts. You can play sports games but you aren’t risking. If you want to learn a new type, you can get your hands dirty without any risk.”

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  • sba1

    “The Free Play App helped me learn a lot about sports – I was able to sign up absolutely free and get comfortable with sports before actually risking anything!”

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